Wusthof Blade Guard

Wusthof Blade Guard


  • Size (Length X Width) : 13.0×2.5cm / 20.0×2.5cm / 25.5×3.0cm / 31.5×3.0cm / 20.5×5.0cm / 27.0×5.0cm
  • The guard has a felt interior to protect the blade from scratches. It protects the fine edge.
  • Offers safety when kept in a kitchen drawer.
  • Great for the travelling chef who keeps knives in a carrying case.
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13.0×2.5CM, 20.0×2.5CM, 25.5×3.0CM, 31.5×3.0CM, 20.5×5.0CM, 27.0×5.0CM


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