Ringo Home Nitriding Hammered Iron Deep Frypan 30CM

Ringo Home Nitriding Hammered Iron Deep Frypan 30CM


  • Diameter: 30cm
  • Made of durable premium iron, safe and no coating, it is compatible with induction cookers.
  • Wok is not coated with chemicals. It is treated with high temperature nitriding for enhanced corrosion resistance and durability.
  • Effective heat conduction evenly warms the wok, cooking food quickly with uniform heating.
  • Safe to use with metal spatulas.
  • The pot body is forged with concave and convex hammer patterns can prevent rolling.
  • Suitable for gas stove, induction, ceramic, electric and halogen.

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  1. Remove packaging, immerse wok into warm water with washing detergent, clean with sponge and rinse under running water, then dry thoroughly.
  2. Put 4-5 teaspoons of oil over the wok surface fully and stay overnight, wash and dry thoroughly for next use.
  3. For the first few times of use, it is recommended to add more cooking oil, heat to low heat, turn the iron wok to cover the wall of the wok with oil, add vegetable leaves, stir-fry and smear the inside of the wok to achieve a deep cleaning effect.


  • After each use, clean and dry the iron wok to avoid rust. After wiping the iron wok dry, it is recommended to evenly apply 4-5 teaspoons of cooking oil on the entire surface to prevent it from rusting and achieve non-stick performance.
  • Do not burn wok while it is empty.
  • Household use only. No commercial or outdoor use.
  • Do not use dishwasher for cleaning or drying.
  • Do not heat the wok and lid in oven or microwave.
  • When cleaning, do not use wire brushes or scouring pads to scrub, it is recommended to use soft sponge or fiber cloth for cleaning.
  • If you encounter stubborn stains, you can pour clean water, add edible baking powder, boil it off, add clean water, and then clean it with a soft sponge or fiber cloth.
  • Do not immerse the entire wok in water to avoid mildew and rust, or deformation of the wooden handle.
  • Do not let children touch or use the wok, and do not let children play with the product or as a toy.
  • It is not recommended to cook acidic dishes in an iron wok for the first month, such as: fish with pickled cabbage, tomato, fish fillet in vinegar, etc.
  • It is not recommended to use iron wok to boil water, porridge, and soup for the first month to lower the chance of rust.

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